Devils (Volume II of The Equinox)

by The Black Atlas

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Devils (Volume II of The Equnox)
1.) Moonsong
2.) Black Milk
3.) XIII


released June 23, 2015

Recorded by Jesse Clasen
Produced by Peter Koronios & Jesse Clasen
Performed by Peter Koronios & Jesse Clasen
Secondary vocals on "Black Milk" by Ally Hoffmann
Artwork "Godless Prayer" by Colin Frangicetto



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The Black Atlas New York, New York

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Track Name: Moonsong
One hundred nights of dreamless sleep
In a room with no windows
I couldn't spend another night
In the Golden Green Hotel
I packed my bags and threw them in the fire I had made
I was alone, no one saw me there

No one, no one saw me there

I decided that I'd wait and bide time patiently
For the Golden Dawn
On an eastern shore, but no one came
No one, i was alone
Track Name: Black Milk
The light shines through the cracks
I see faces, am I awake?
Is this a fever dream?
The strangeness of it all
Peculiar realities, the hidden seeds of

Are we ever strong enough to keep the ones we love around?
Was I ever good enough to keep the ones I've loved around?

Nothing so beautiful is immune
You are beautiful, but you are ruin

What is this moving towards?
These shapes and sounds
This movement, strange commotion
Am I the imagination
Of someone else?