The Other (Volume I of The Equinox)

by The Black Atlas

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The Other (Volume I of The Equinox)
1.) The First Step
2.) Rivers
3.) The Other


released September 22, 2014

Recorded by Jesse Clasen
Produced by Peter Koronios & Jesse Clasen
Performed by Peter Koronios & Jesse Clasen
Artwork "Imp of the Perverse" by Colin Frangicetto



all rights reserved


The Black Atlas New York, New York

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Track Name: The First Step
Go on home, the night is silent
Pray tomorrow brings you rest
You're beaten up, you wear your
Signs of violence like a mask
And I can hardly get my head around it
Why you never want to let it go
Now I see you've got your hands around my neck
And if we give it time you'll kill us both

There's still time to face it
Recognize you're falling
There's no shame in taking time
To put things back

I can't find peace of mind
I've been falling over you

You could change your world
If you'd just believe
You deserve more than what you got
There's a struggle that will
Bring you darkness or
There's a struggle that will lift you out

This in mind, I'm changing
I recognize I'm falling
There's no way you're taking mine
So put it back
Track Name: Rivers
There's a place that I can see
It comes to me in dreams
But I can't recall its name
I don't know why
But the hell it seems to be, it has
Got me down on my knees
And how those ghosts just dig their graves
How they dig their graves, and fade

Now release me
Now release to the rivers' end
This tide will revive
Now release me to the rivers' end

I'm reversing what this place has done to me
Retracing my steps through old waters
Although I crawled, I crawled right in
I can forgive this sin
And unlike before, I can see the end
Track Name: The Other
This old and empty house
I aimlessly walk its halls
As I stare out the window
Framed by decaying walls
There are people hanging
Their clothes out on the lawn
There are pictures hanging
Of places I've never gone

My eyes look up
What do they see?
A certain stranger
Staring directly at me
I think to myself
'Are we in here together?'
I've got plenty of time
But sooner or later, sooner or later
I'm getting out